Investment Solutions

About ELCO

Established in 1995 and based in New York, ELCO Management Company, LLC offers investment solutions for high net worth individuals and institutions. Committed to consistently delivering favorable returns for our clients, we base our investment decisions upon a research driven philosophy.

For our high net worth clients, we emphasize creating tax efficiency through positive after tax performance. We also manage two highly specialized energy funds that invest in an industry sector that is undergoing significant changes. By investing in the entire energy chain and having a deep understanding of the various energy sub-sectors, such as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), we are able to capitalize on key market opportunities. We are forward thinking in not just investing in undervalued growth situations but also look further out in terms of the timing of the stock market's recognition of these situations.

Additionally, the combination of the funds' senior managers represents more than 80 years of investment management experience, which translates into hands-on decision-making on each security purchased within the energy universe. The experience of our portfolio managers span other sectors as well, which enable ELCO to take advantage of other industries including financial, healthcare and technology. However, both ELCO funds are invested at least 50 percent in the energy sector.

Recently, our long/short energy fund ranked #6 in the top 10 energy related funds by BarclayHedge, LTD. for the 36-month period ended March 31, 2013. We also ranked #8 for the 12-month period ended December 31, 2012.